Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We go together like pb&j

The babies turned one on June 27th! We had their birthday party on the Sunday after. We just had a small family and a few friends party! It was just right! The babies loved their pb&j cake and all of the presents! Needless to say, we had some whooped babies when we got home!!

17 month update!!

Holy moly! Sorry y'all! This mama has been pretty busy the last few months!! Didn't mean to leave ya hanging!! Where to begin...the babies are now almost 17 months old! It's so crazy to try to remember our days in the NICU, and we actually would rather not!! They are growing like crazy! Both weigh about 20 lbs and love to eat. Clayre just started really crawling and is getting soooo fast! Cache has been crawling for a while now,  but is now standing up and cruising furniture. I have a feeling that Clayre is not far behind!

We celebrated our second Halloween! The babies got to dress up for the school fall festival! They looked precious! Overall, life is going well! We are in the process of getting RSV shots, to protect us throughout the winter months! This will hopefully allow us to spend a little time with family this holiday season! We are so excited to spend this Christmas at home having a great time with out sweet little ones! 

I have been officially back at work since mid August! I have a sweet group of kinders and love my job! I miss the babies during the day, but I know that they're always in great hands! We also have a great babysitter and Aunt who can watch the babies when daddy is working also. They do get to stay home with Curtis when he's off, and they love it!!

Again, we can't thank you enough for all that everyone has done for us over the months!! Until next time (hopefully not 8 months) ... Have a great week!!