Monday, January 27, 2014

Cache and Clayre are 7 months old!


Cache is still our smiley boy.  He's got a big personality stuck inside that little body! Boy oh boy, is he also a momma's boy! Of course, I love every second of that! I think that little bit of time we had at RMH while Clayre was still in the NICU, has a lot to do with that!


Cache weighs 12 lbs! He has outgrown some of his 0-3 and we still don't have many 3-6 and bigger, so I guess it's time to start really stocking up!! Thanks to the people who have sent some hand me downs, I love them! Right now, he mostly just wears pjs until we can start getting out and about, so I guess it's not too big of a deal!


Little fatty takes 4.5 oz 7 times a day. We started solids 1x per day last week. So far he's had oatmeal cereal, squash, and carrots. We are going to start two times a day today with oatmeal cereal in the morning and a veg at lunch! He's doing so well with them! 


We are slowly beginning to be interested in toys, he tolerates tummy time long enought to reach out and touch/grab them sometimes. He's become the roll over king tho, so as out 3 minutes into tummy time, he's done! He's also beginning to sit up (with help) really well! We have a a therapist that comes out twice a month to work with them, and last week, she said that she really didn't know what to work on, because wears doing great and they're right on track! She said, that if they evaluated them right now as opposed to whe they did a few months ago, they wouldn't even qualify because of where they are at  physically! We are going to have her continue to come out tho, just to make sure that we are staying on track, especially when we really start crawling and walking.


He still takes short 15 minute catnaps after his bottles!! He usually does this in his swing during the day. About 8:00, we lay the in their cribs, and let them sleep in their before their dream feed at 10:30 or so. They are still sleeping in our room in rock n plays, they have started sleeping 10:45-7:30. Since he's started solids, he doesn't even do his hungry scream! It's pretty amazing!

Well. I guess that about it for little man!



Little miss Priss is weighing in at 11 lbs still. This is mostly due to some feeding issues, but I think they are getting better! She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes! They fit pretty well!! She's growing so fast:)

Like I mentioned above, she had some feeding issues, so we had to start decreasing the amount she got in her bottles daily. She's gone back up to 3.5 oz every 3 hours without too much screaming. The Dr isn't sure what the issue is, maybe she just has a small appetite! In def not sure where she got that! She hasn't started solids yet, she's a few weeks behind, so maybe next week or so we can give it a shot!


Clayre has really begun to play with toys! She loves to grab the rattles and shake them, or grab the teething ring and check like crazy!! During tummy time, if we put a toy in front of her, it helps peak her interest for a few minutes longer, so she forgets she's on her tummy!! She has more issues rolling over because of her oxygen tubes, but when she's had enough tt, she knows what to do!!


Daddy's girl would be an understatement, this girl loves her beauty sleep! She takes 20-30 minutes naps throughout the day, then sleeps 11-7:30, then 8-10:30 or 11! She wakes up happy as can be, so I guess she really needs her sleep! Sometimes Cache and I get up and hang out and leave Curtis and Clayre asleep in the bedroom! 


Unfortunately, as you can see, Clayre is still depending on supplemental oxygen. She is still being weaned, and as this point she's depending on about 1/32 L when awake and 1/16 when sleeping. We take it off daily while monitoring, and she can go anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours without it. Usually we only have to turn it back up during a nap! We are still crossing our fingers to be done with it soon!!!!!!

Once again, I can't believe that these babies have grown so much and made so many strides! I've seen too many stories lately about babies that were not so lucky, and it makes me hold them a little tighter everyday! I remember sitting at Clayre's bedside for a few days just praying for her to make it thru her illness, and I thank God that he has a great plan for her! I'm so lucky to be able to spend this crucial time with them, and thanks to the people who have made it possible!!! Thanks again for donations, MEALS, love, and prayers!!! Countdown to the end of house arrest: 2.5 months:))

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