Friday, November 8, 2013

Quality time!

The last couple of days have been really good for Miss Clayre! She is taking about 75% of her bottles (when I feed her), and her breathing is getting better! She maybe finally picking it up! We can go home on oxygen, eating on the other hand, has got to come before we can go home.  Let's go girlfriend!!! Both babies has their synagis shots today. This shot will be a once a month (for 5 months) shot to protect against RSV. The shot is only covered by insurance if a baby is born at less than 2lb-2oz, it is a $2000 shot!!! Of course we qualify, even if we didn't, we would be getting it! I've heard too many stories about preemies and RSV, it can be fatal for them because of their weak lungs. For full term babies/toddlers, it is just an upper respiratory infection with a cough and cold symptoms. For preemies, it is way more severe.  The shot doesn't mean that we won't get it, it just means that if we happen to, it will be less severe. We can't afford more time here, so we are going to do everything in our power to avoid bringing germs into the home, this means not being out and about for a while too:/ RSV is spread by someone with a common cold, and we can't risk being close to someone who is sick, or has any visible/non visible symptoms.  I guess we will be spending lots of quality family time together! Lol. 

Speaking of quality time, we had some tummy/playmat time today. 

The babies loved being in the floor playing. Cache was cooing at his sister and trying to take her oxygen tubes out of her nose, and she was kicking him! It's already started :) 

Everyday, I look at these babies and thank God for being with us these past 135 days, and sending us amazing nurses and doctors to care for our sweet babies! We have been so blessed by our staff at Cooks, they've become family!! That being said, I'm ready to say "goodbye, and see ya soon" to them! I guess I'm off for the night! GiGi is here to be on nighttime duty, so momma can have some sleep! Woohoo! Gotta love GiGi time! Happy Friday night! Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Those babies are precious! I recently discovered your blog through on the MLFPC fb page. I'm a blogger too and my baby is in the NICU. So crazy to read about things that have totally taken over my life, like oxygen and ventilaters and babies that forget to breathe. :)