Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday posts

I went through our caringbridge and found some posts that already bring back a flood of memories! Man, we've come a long way!

72 hours!

Jun 30, 2013 9:27 AM

Well we hit the 72 hour milestone! As of now, both babies are still on the ventilator as of now. We got over optimistic and put them on a less invasive breathing machine at the beginning, but you don't know unless you try. Cache man gets a little lazy and just forgets to breathe sometimes and needs the push! Clayre has a mind of her own! She lets you know when she's not happy! Poor nurses;) She is just like her Aunt Mindy!! Kidding! They have both had to have blood transfusions, which is totally normal at this stage. Eating is going well, they each get 2ML every 3 hours which is such a tiny amount, but they both seem to be taking it well! We both changed diapers yesterday, so we have proof! Curtis' first diaper changed even found him peed on, guess Cache is trying to prepare him! As for us, we did end up getting a room for us at the Ronald McDonald House about a quarter of a mile from the hospital! It is donation based housing. We have our own little apartment for the next 90 days, including a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, two queen sized beds, it is so nice! I definitely know know what charity to donate to! Well, time to go check on the little ones! Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers! We love you all and can't wait for you all to meet our sweet miracles!

One step forward, two steps back

Jul 2, 2013 8:56 PM

So today was a little more eventful. Cache was moved to the CPAP machine this morning, hoping to have him breathing entirely on his own, but poor baby just couldn't do it. His lungs and brain aren't quite working together yet, which is typical for 26 weeks babies, and he sometimes forgets that he needs to breathe. The nurse said he'd do so good when we were in the room, yet as soon as we walked away, he would get lazy:/, I wish i could stand by his side all day and night, but its not possible. About an hour ago, the Dr made the decision to put him back on the ventilator to give him a little more developing time before we start the vent again. We feel okay with this decision, because watching your baby stop breathing while there is nothing you can do is gut-wrenching. Other than that, everything else, feedings and whatnot wise, are going well for him. Little Miss Priss got a new IV today. It's called a PIC, and goes to the heart. This allows her to get more nutrition from her food. It was supposed to be an hour long procedure, but the nurse had some difficulties with it, and it ended up taking 3 hours! The poor baby was exhausted and pretty calm from the meds that they had given her when they were doing the procedure, so she want as feisty as she has been! Mommy and Daddy did get out for a bit during the procedure and ran some errands with GiGi and Paw, so it was a nice little change of pace. Hopefully our steps back from today, have us at a turnaround! Once again, thanks for the gifts, donations, prayers, love, and support! We have faith, and know that in a year, this will all be a distant memory!


Aug 17, 2013 11:17 AM

So last night I was thinking about how weird this all feels. Sometimes, I feel like I am just walking in someone else's shoes! This whole experience has been very surreal! Its weird how this has actually become routine, get up, get ready, go to hospital, sit 11 or so hours with the babies, go "home", sleep, then do it all over again! It's crazy to me how this is the new normal! I may not even know what to do when things get back to normal, I take that back, life is never going to be normal again with our little stinkers;) lol. Also, one of the nurses and I were just talking about how most people take little things for granted. For instance, holding your baby for the first time. Most new parents hold them right after delivery, it took us 2 1/2 weeks to get to that point, and only for an hour or so at a time, and with the help of nurses. 7 weeks later, it hasn't changed! Another thing is hearing your child cry, most babies cry at birth, and new parents get to hear that, yet with us, we just got to hear it this week after Cache got off his ventilator. I am not going to lie, I wouldn't trade this life for anything, going through all of this, is going to help us love these sweet babies even more than we would have otherwise! We couldn't do it without all of you, and your love and support! Love to all!

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