Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good!

Our family has finally been reunited for good!! Clayre finally broke free of Cook Children's NICU! Our goal was Thansgiving, and I finally decided that it was a hefty goal and had given up on it. Yet, as usual, that little girl proved me sooooo wrong! A light switch turned on Tuesday! She went from taking 50% of her milk to 100% in one day! and hasn't turned back since! I wasn't sure how many days they would make her do that, I was figuring at least a week. Yet, Thursday, our sweet primary nurse was there with us, and wrote a note to the dr. and left it on her chart, all the note said was, "Can they go home this weekend?" I thought she was crazy and that there was no way he'd go along with it. Low and behold, he started working on discharge stuff, and told me what needed to be completed. Curtis and I had to learn how to work her oxygen and machine (yes, she will be on oxygen for a while, her poor lungs), she had to pass car seat test, I had to make appointments, she had to continue to gain weight, and she had to EAT EAT EAT! Well, we got it all completed Friday, besides the car seat test, because she failed it the first time, the test required the baby to sit up in their car seat for 90 min in a chair that simulates movements of a car. The baby must keep their sats (heartrate and oxygenation up) the whole 90 min! She made 62 the first day and started struggling with her breathing, so they had to stop. After a failed test, you must wait 24 hours to do it again. So yesterday, Saturday, we tried it at 12. She struggled a little, so her oxygen was turned up while she was taking the test, and low and behold, she passed!!! At this point, it was 2 o'clock, and Curtis and I are running around trying to get things packed at RMH and the hospital (it's ridiculous how much stuff we accumulated in 150 days). By 4 o'clock, we had checked out of RMH, given our hugs, cried some tears (me), and were on our way home with TWO babies! It was an overwhelming feeling! We had to stop at Sonic, not only had we not eaten lunch, but we had Sonic on our way to the doctor when I went into labor, so it only seemed fitting to have it heading home 150 days later! We made it to mom and dad's, where we will be staying for a week or so, and had a great night of playtime! Both babies seemed so adjusted already! I started getting nervous about how Clayre would act during the night, considering that she'd been in the hospital for 150 days, but she did great! They both slept for a 4 hour stretch after their night feed, and three hours after! Of course my early bird got up bright and early, so we left the room and let sister and daddy sleep in a little! Today has been a great lazy day so far, it's the perfect weather for that! We are rejoicing being home and cannot wait to move into our house in a few days! Like I've said before, thank you so much for following along with us on our NICU journey! We are so blessed by the support of our friends, family, and community! The babies can't wait to meet you all, but due to cold and flu season it may be a few more months:/ Thanks for understanding and being so awesome! We love you all!!i will be keeping up the blog for fun, and myself, so I will try and be back in a few days for a 5 month update! Until then, you can catch me playing with my TWO sweet babies:))
Here are a few pictures of the weekend! 

Mommy, daddy,and babies before Clayre's discharge
Our favorite primary nurse Eireann, she became family! We love her so much and can't wait for her to continue to watch the babies grow!! She was a rock to me during the 150 days, and I couldn't have remained so calm and collected without her!!
Riding home, see...who needs a car seat test? I got this!
The early birds after our first night home, we survived!!

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