Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Twin four month (one month actual) update

Four months of daily hospital trips, tears, shots, oxygen, medicines, feedings.... I can't believe these sweet babies have been on this earth for four months! In these long four months, these babies have endured, overcome, and persevered! I am amazed at their strength on a daily basis! 

Let's start with Clayre Bear!
She's up to 6lb, 14oz, and 19.6 inches long, every ounce and inch of her is pure diva.  She is a girl who knows what she wants! She is taking her sweet time getting out of the hospital, because nobody is about to rush her! The attention she gets from all of the nurses is a plus in her mind too! She is holding her head up really well, and loves being on her tummy.  It's taken four months, but she also loves being held. She likes to snuggle right in and get a good nap when she is being held! She also is becoming a little more tolerant of her brother. He can get close to her know without her throwing a fit;) The only thing keeping us at the hospital at this point is her eating, she has issue coordinating her sucking, swallowing, and breathing when taking the bottle. Her lungs were so bad from the beginning that the dr says that it's only going to take time.  So, that's what we are doing, letting her take her time. As much as we want to be home, we want her to be ready to be home.  

Now onto Cache Monkey;)
He weighs in at about 7lb, 6oz, and a whopping 22 inches long! He is so long and skinny! He is pure boy! He loves to watch football and hang out! If I didn't have to get him dressed everyday, he'd be perfectly fine hanging out in his undies (diaper) and playing all day! He has physical therapy coming to the RMH to work with him, but is rolling over and holding his head up really well! He surprises me with his strength! He is sleeping better at night, I even sometimes get a 4 hour stretch of sleep! Talk about a refreshed momma on those days! He spends his days at the hospital being "ahhhhed" over by all of the pretty nurses. I think he kind of likes it;). He loves living at RMH and seeing Daisy, the house dog. It's a yellow lab that's head comes right up to his car seat when he's in the stroller! His eyes get really big and he smiles ear to ear! With that being said, I think he'll like being home even better!

As for us as a family, we're doing well, just ready to be home.  We still have 50 days or so left at the RMH, and are hoping to not have to use all of them! We used 78 last time, and when I went to pay our donation to stay, someone had already donated money to cover10 days for us! That was a blessing! Thanks to whoever did that! Well, I guess that's about it! Thanks again for the continued thoughts, prayers, donations, food, and overall support you give us! We hope to be home (in our bubble until the end of March) soon!!

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